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Cheers to the financial strategy & clarity you need to get to the next level.

Get premium, full-service CFO & tax services designed to help multiple six-figure creators and solopreneurs grow & manage their business,  team, and profits. 

"My favorite thing about working with Stanton Financial is how calm and kind they are. Finances are very scary and intimidating but they make it more approachable and less stressful. "

-Angelyca Adcock, CEO of Rebirth Jewelry

Not naming any names, but...

Is this you?

If you're ready to grow while letting an expert take care of the financial details then you're in the right place.

ready for a whole new world?

We do more than just tracking receipts.

And we’ve got the (discreet) case studies to back it up. Here are just two anonymous client case studies showing the kind of results we deliver:

Client A

A lifestyle influencer that started gaining traction and consistent brand payments, and wanted to make sure that she was paying taxes appropriately.



Client B

A Content Creator and E-commerce business owner who was making consistent sales, but wasn’t seeing her accounts grow.



All of this is possible with the financial clarity and strategy included with our CFO & Tax Services for Content Creators and Solopreneurs.

Here's what you'll get with CFO & Tax Services

Our premium monthly bookkeeping & CFO services retainer program is designed to help multiple six-figure influencers, content creators, and small business owners grow with less stress and more peace of mind.


get caught up

Year-to-Date Catch Up

It’s okay if you’re behind on your books. We give you a fresh start with catch up services that give you peace of mind and help you stay ready for tax time.

get organized

Client Onboarding

Start off with our streamlined client onboarding process where we establish the systems, tools, and info needed to get up and running.

Account Reconciliation

Every month, we’ll reconcile up to 7 accounts, with up to 200 transactions per account, checking for discrepancies, tax deductions, and more.

Digital Receipt Organization

You’ll never be afraid of an IRS audit after we get you set up with digital receipt organization that is simple and easy to use anywhere.

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 11.36.06 PM

Get Clarity

Monthly Budget

Using the Profit First Method, you’ll get a monthly budget so that you’ll know how much you can spend on business expenses and still grow your cash on hand.

Monthly Reporting

Every month, you’ll get reports showing your profits, losses, and overall financial health so that you always know if you’re on track towards your financial goals.

Financial Dashboard & KPIs

We maintain a financial dashboard & KPIs so that you always know how your business is doing over time, at a glance. You’ll always be able to make strategic and well-informed business decisions.

get Strategic

Unlimited access with your client portal

CFO services means you always have portal access to a trusted advisor who can address any financial questions or concerns you may have for as long as you are a CFO Services client.

Profit First or Profit Planning

We don’t just track your transactions, we help you put systems in place that turn your business into a profit-oriented machine.

Monthly Review Call

Each month, you’ll get your choice of a live or pre-recorded financial review where we explain how your finances are and what you can do next to make progress towards your larger goals.


Plus, all the available add-ons you might need:

Quarterly Tax Payments

Want to avoid the stress of next year’s lump sum tax bill? For a one-time yearly fee, we’ll estimate and submit your estimated quarterly taxes for you.


Need to process payments to your team? Get payroll services handled for you for a monthly fee. Pricing dependent on team size.

Accounts Receivable & Payable

No more chasing money down. For an additional monthly fee, we optimize your accounts payable and handle your accounts recievable

Get Started

It all starts with a Coffee Chat


We know that when it comes to your business finances, one of the most important factors is finding advisors you can trust. That’s why we offer an initial 30-minute Coffee Chat to all prospective CFO & Tax Services clients. You’ll get:

your big questions answered

From taxes to incorporation, you’ll get answers to your questions and concerns around your business and finances. 

Informative resources

We’ll give you the select resources you need to make fully-informed financial decisions without getting overwhelmed.

next step recommendations

You’ll also get clear and specific next steps on what you can do to optimize your financial situation.

Find out if CFO Services are right for you by booking your Coffee Chat today.

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