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The DIY Bookkeeping Bundle

Ever watch Shark Tank?

It’s a TV show where entrepreneurs go in front of savvy investors (the Sharks) to pitch their businesses, and the stakes are HUGE.

If they can convince a shark to invest in their business, they get the money they need to grow, AND they get an engaged business partner and mentor with all the knowledge, capital and connections they need to grow their business beyond their wildest dreams.

But there’s one sure way to know that a hopeful entrepreneur is going to leave the tank with nothing, no matter how great their business seems – and it’s an instant dream killer:

They don't know their numbers.

The moment a shark finds out that someone doesn’t know how their business finances work, GAME OVER. It brings their chance to a complete end.

Maybe you’re not looking for an investor in your business. But even so, having a system for tracking and managing your business finances is still the difference between growth and stagnation. It’s also the difference between success and failure. More on this later.

But if you don’t know where to start with getting your business finances in order, you’re not alone.

Even if you’re great at making money, it doesn’t mean that you automatically know how to manage and grow it. Many of my clients hire me because the idea of dealing with their finances is just overwhelming. I’m sure you can relate.

Lucky for you, I've created this bundle to make your numbers easy to handle and understand, so you can set your business up for long-term success.

Doing your bookkeeping might feel like the least sexy part of making money. But here’s what’s sexy – when you use the system that I teach inside this bundle,

here are the results:

Best of all, I’ve designed everything in this bundle to be

actionable, easy to understand, and easy to use.

I'm Azja Stanton

Sr. Bookkeeper & financial Strategist

And I help influencers, solopreneurs, and online service providers gain financial clarity so that they can scale their business and increase their profits.

While working in corporate, I was able to help a major national bank save over $8M as a Financial Consultant.

But my super power is being able to break down business finance concepts so that anyone, including you, can understand them, implement them, and be empowered by them.

Inside this bundle are all the templates I use to help my  clients grow their profits. I also included short, easy-to-digest video tutorials for each template and resources for entrepreneurs like my favorite No Fee Business Bank Accounts.

I’ve left nothing behind so that you get everything you need to set your business up for success, even if you aren’t ready to hire a bookkeeper in your business just yet. 

And when you’re ready to outsource your bookkeeping, having this bundle will help you understand your numbers and how money flows through your business.

This is for you...

Here's What's Inside

Your Financial Strategy To-Do List

Get a clear path forward on a timeline that works for you.


A fill-in-the-blank template that generates monthly and quarterly profit & loss reports.

Weekly & monthly bookkeeping routines

No more questioning where to get started. Just schedule these tasks into your routine and you’re set!

The Profit First Guide

Learn the money allocation strategy I used to help my clients increase their profits.

My Favorite No-fee business bank accounts

Not sure where to open your business bank accounts? Here are a few of my favorites.

Reciept storage resources

Stay audit-ready easily by tracking your receipts with any one of these tools .

Financial KPI Scorecard Template

Get an overview of your business finances over time.

Monthly Financial Review Template

A monthly template you can use to make sure you stay on track.

Revenue Wheel template

No more questioning where to get started. Just schedule these tasks into your routine and you’re set!

Business Health Indicator template

Know if your revenue is being used wisely and what to do next.

Budget & Sales Goals Calculator

Find out how to set reasonable sales goals and budget for your business expenses.

Custom Transfer Strategy Template

Use the Profit First Method to allocate your money across your business.

Plus five more bonuses covering your personal finances, tax deductions, and more!

Get the DIY Bookkeeping Bundle Today

Take the stress out of your business finances with this actionable and easy to understand Bookkeeping Bundle. We’ve included every thing you need to keep your books together and stay ready for taxes.

Here’s everything you’ll get:

  • The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Bookkeeping
  • Profit First Guide
  • List of No Fee Business Bank Accounts
  • Tax Season Guide & Checklist
  • Chart of Accounts with Financial Statements Overview
  • Personal Expense Tracker
  • Time Tracking Template
  • Sales & Expense Tracker with automatically generated Profit & Loss reports
  • Revenue Wheel
  • Business Health Indicator

Get instant access to all of it for just $111

Fill-in-the-blank templates

automatically generated reports

short & easy video tutorials

comprehensive bonuses and resources

Everything You'll Get Inside


a warm welcome

You’ll start off with a welcome video from me where I give you an overview of what’s ahead. Plus, you’ll see where you are with your business finances right now with the Financially Stressed to Blessed Quiz.


  • Financially Stressed to Blessed Quiz


set up resources

Want the same strategy I use to help clients grow their cashflows? 

You’ll learn about the Profit First Method and get a clear, actionable Financial Strategy To-Do List you can implement to pay yourself regularly and increase profits in your business. You’ll also get weekly & monthly tasks that you can slot into your calendar to stay on top of things as you go.


  • Financial Strategy To-Do List
  • Profit First Guide
  • List of No-Fee Business Bank Accounts


get organized

Still figuring out how to track and manage your business finances?

I give you the CEO Yearly Masterplan Template that automatically generates reports you’ll use to get a clear view of your money at a glance. You’ll also learn exactly what you need to do to stay ready for an audit, so you never have to worry about the IRS again.


  • CEO Yearly Masterplan Template
  • Receipt Storage Resources
  • Chart of Accounts Resource


audit your financial health

Need a quick way to see if your revenue is going to the right places?

I show you how to evaluate your financial health using the Profit First Method with the Business Health Indicator spreadsheet. You’ll find out how your income is being allocated and what you need to do next to keep your business financially healthy.


  • Business Health Indicator Template


Create Your Financial Strategy

Here you’ll learn how to put together a financial strategy that works for you.

I’ll cover how to turn your bookkeeping tasks into an easy routine, how to determine your expense budget and sales goals. Also, you’ll see how to allocate your money so that you can pay yourself regularly and have a cushion in place in case business slows down.


  • Entrepreneur’s Guide to Bookkeeping
  • Budget & Sales Goals Calculator
  • Profit First Transfer Visual Aid
  • Custom Transfer Strategy Template


Set Yourself Up for Success

Finally, you’ll learn how to get an overview of your money over time, with the ability to see how your business is performing over the course of the year. I also show you how to do a monthly financial review with the template provided so that you know if you’re making progress and can make strategic business decisions throughout the year.


  • Financial KPI Scorecard Template
  • Monthly Financial Review Template



We’ve covered more than the basics, now here are the bonuses!

You’ll get my Revenue Wheel template and instructions, so that you can see all of your revenue streams and how they contribute to your overall income over the year. Also, you’ll get tools to help you track your time and personal expenses. Finally, you’ll get my tax season resources for influencers and small businesses. 


  • Revenue Wheel Template
  • Revenue Wheel Training Document
  • Personal Budget & Expense Tracker
  • Weekly Time Tracker Template
  • Personal and Self-Employed Tax Season Checklist
  • 200+ Small Business & Side-Hustle Tax Deductions
  • Tax Deductions for Influencers

Get everything you need to handle your money and grow your profits.

Don’t wait. Click below to get everything you need in an actionable and easy to use bundle today.